Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oops Texts

So every first Friday in Oakland they hold Art Murmur downtown. Tons of galleries open their doors, they close off the streets, and you're allowed to meander in and out, carrying booze, schmoozing with friends as you go. It's gritty, it's sceney, and it's very, very "Oakland."

The Paco Collars store is located in Berkeley, but it's essentially a straight bicycle shot (or a couple BART stops) to the downtown action. Always looking for an excuse to serve booze in the store, I got inspired last week to create a pre-Art Murmur event. Today I sent out the mass text that read:

"Turn your art walk into an art workout by coming to Paco Collars this Friday 5-7 for pre-Art Murmur wine, cheese, and dog lovin'. 2905 Shattuck ... be there!"

A few minutes passed and I got a text from my friend, English Jon. It read:

"Why do you have to be so impossible? Aaaarg!! -jON-"

This response worried me. Jon did have a point. The store is not exactly close to downtown Oakland. He's an artist and Art Murmur is only once a month, so it was safe to assume he had other commitments. Also, he and I have had a rocky friendship to say the least, and I was afraid I'd asked him to go a little too far out of his way this time.

I sent an apologetic text asking if maybe he had too many art commitments, to which the response was:

"Oops, supposed to go to [the girlfriend]. Sorry Ana Poe!"

At first I was relieved, then I laughed, and then I worried about their relationship.

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Home2k9 said...

After the day I've had... God bless you for making me laugh out loud even if only for a moment. This was very funny!