Thursday, December 25, 2008

Good news and bad news

We all know the order we like to hear it in...

Bad news is that I will not be around much the next two weeks. The good news is that I won't be around much because I'll be in Mexico!!!

The other good news is that I got my Flip Mino HD so I'll be able to document the vacation properly. It arrived earlier today, just in the nick of time as we leave at 6 am Christmas Day (which I guess is actually in just a few hours). I took a good video of Paco, and then took a bunch of stupid ones.

Like this one I took of myself, ala Myspace self-portrait shot.

I've gotta admit that I'm being pretty cheesy this year. I mean, the trip to Mexico is cool, the new Flip is cool, but this is what I think counts as the true Christmas Miracle this year.

Feliz Navidad and see you in 2009!

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home2k9 Alpha said...

Merry Christmas! You're already flitting about in southern regions where the sun still shines, but I hope your travel down was good and I can't wait to see all the cheesy vacation vids.

OMG. That SI article is such great news... I heard it was coming awhile ago and told Hans we HAVE TO pick up some copies for home. 'Bout time!