Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Week Ago

Kind of feels like a dream, but one week ago today (well, I'm writing this past midnight so I guess subtract one more day), hipsters sang the national anthem and waved flags with not a hint of irony. Cars honked, cops gave high-fives, and the entire city celebrated as one.

In our usual showing of style and class, we brought our own party.

It was so weird. Everyone smiled at each other, quiet streets sprung into spontaneous cheering, and while some residents were still hesitant about letting me into their house to use their bathroom, they at least escorted me to the most private public peeing spot.

But the evening was tinged with a bittersweet taste. There was barely a 3 minute lull between the warm afterglow of the acceptance speech to the news Prop 8 was winning by 57%. 3 perfect minutes in time followed quickly with a hit so hard it felt I'd been stabbed in the gut with a knife.

Sure the margin narrowed, but we all know what happened.

I contemplated removing my homemade car signs, but have yet to do so. Right now they read, "No on 8! No one should be denied the Mistake of Marriage." I figure I can't take them down until I come up with something that's both wittier but won't cause someone to bash my windows in. So I guess, "Only queers vote Yes on 8," and, "Congrats, you just let the White Man buy your vote," are probably not good options, but I figure the perfect slogan will come to me as things progress.

In the meantime, I am being as proactive as possible. I feel in times where you don't know what to do the answer is simply, "just do something."

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