Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dressin' Like A Hessian

Ima Hesher

This is kind of my new favorite shirt. I'm not always in the mood to rock it, but when I am, watch out world.

So last week we were in Dolores Park, I was wearing this outfit (sans jacket) and, as we were leaving, a girl ran up to me and asked to take my picture. I'm not shy, especially with a tall boy in me, so I posed. I asked why she was taking the picture and she said, "Oh, for my fashion class. We're documenting street fashion"

"Really? Anything interesting?" I asked.

"There's lots of plaid," she said, and then ran back to her group of friends.

I was so flattered. I was on cloud 9, just so happy someone liked my outfit enough to seek me out. I mean, it's not every day you're singled out from an entire lawn full of San Francisco's finest to represent "street fashion."

As I reunited with my crew Leslie asked, "What did that girl want?"

"To document my outfit for her fashion class," I answered.

"Was it for 'what to wear' or 'what not to wear,'" she asked.

Um, that's a good question... I hadn't bothered to ask.


themacinator said...
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themacinator said...

you totally would have said yes to this. so many people said no, but the anapoes of the world were like "HELL yes," take my picture!

home2k9 Alpha said...

Could it have been that she wanted to take your picture because you weren't wearing pants? I bet it was.

broiler said...

that shirt may be cool, but its not half as cool as the ana poe custom slians shirt i got off ebay