Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm not a hippie, I swear

Since marijuana is practically legal, I think it's probably okay to post this...

Not to get into the specifics, but yesterday I found myself suddenly in the possession of a free pot brownie. I'm not anti-pot by any means, but I just don't ever find myself seeking it out. However, as I stared at the delicious looking edible I went through my mental checklist for the night and found everything pointed toward "eat me":

* I had no plans for the night

* Aaron was working in Atlanta until Friday

* My neck had been killing me for two days and I could barely turn my head

* between me making a major ass out of myself (long story) and Xochitl's graduation, I'd had a stressful couple of days

* it had caramel on top!

After a big meal with Dango, I went home and went through a preparation ritual. Both the hairless wonder and the foster puppy had had plenty of exercise, so they were taken care of. I did all my chores first so I wouldn't have any reason to fixate on a messy house down the road. I tried to download a movie, Johnny Got His Gun (which I've always wanted to see ever since the Metallica video), but it didn't work so I turned on the Family Guy.

I ate the brownie and waited a while. Nothing happened, not even after an hour. I knew eating dinner would slow things down, but, at this point, I hadn't even noticed anything. A little relieved the brownie was bunk, I passed out.

A few hours later I woke up and was, for lack of a better term, tripping balls. It was then I was really glad that my original movie choice didn't work out.

As I laid there half asleep, I went through all sorts of introspection and had a few epiphanies. The following sounds pretty hippie-like but bear with me...

First, I'm scared to go back to yoga. I'm ashamed that I let my practice slide and it's been nearly a year since I've gone to a class. My body knows this and is in pain because of it. But last night I listened to my body and stretched away the back pain that's been plaguing me for two days.

The second epiphany was that I figured out how to fix a few work-related issues. I won't bore you with the details, but the bottom line is that it all comes back to me and so long as my center is grounded and happy, then those around me will reflect that. This also kinda goes back to the yoga thing.

The third thing I discovered is that I need to let go of trying to find the perfect new dog, it's actually Xochitl's decision. I realize I just want the easiest fit for all of us, and that's going to depend heavily on the chemistry between the two dogs.

So I'm going to step back, push aside my preferences, and let Xochitl do the footwork from now on. She can act as divining rod, if you will. If there's something about the chemistry I'm uncomfortable with then we'll just pass. She's a good dog with bad habits so her partner in crime needs to compliment her, not challenge her. It may take a while, but I also realize she deserves to be the focus for a bit since we're just now making progress. We're driving down south to meet another dog this weekend, so it's good that this is fresh in my mind.

The fourth epiphany is that Xdog would probably be good at yoga.

I was up pretty much all night, I'm kinda tired today because of it, but you gotta hippie out every once in a while, you know?


ADR said...

i'll still gladly lead you and aaron through some yoga if you want!

Anonymous said...

So much awesome! Gotta love the grounding power of the ganga, LOL

Bennett Samuel Lin said...

Marijuana might be legal in California, but downloading a movie isn't. Especially when the rights to that movie happen to be owned by Metallica. We all know how they feel about file sharing. Watch out!

ana poe said...

No worries, Bennett, it was through Netflix so the rights have already been dealt with. But I sure would love it if Lars Ulrich came after me for illegal downloading.

Andrew, gonna take you up on your offer after the weekend... I need to ease back into it.