Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shameless Puppy pics

Here is Puumba, in all his adorable glory

being thoughtful

I know, he's so cute it hurts. Everyone who meets him instantly falls for him. I hand out his adoption information daily as it seems we can't go anywhere without someone deciding he's the one for them. It's too bad I'm not single as this dog is the ultimate chick/dude/can't-you-imagine-the-two-of-us-raising-him-together magnet. Everybody loves Puumba, but that doesn't mean he's staying. Don't get me wrong, he's a cool dog, but we are not keeping him.

Last weekend we drove down to San Diego to meet another potential dog. On paper he was perfect, just about everything we wanted. In person he was also great, and he and Xochitl had great chemistry. But he never had a chance.

See, on the drive down Aaron and I had a long conversation and we realized our lives are complete. The huge part of me that craved another dog was simply mourning Paco, but now that time has allowed healing I can now appreciate what I do have rather than focus on what is gone. As Xochitl matures and our training continues, I realize she's all the dog I need right now, it's as simple as that.

I got home and promptly closed all the Firefox tabs I've kept open and check obsessively for the past several months: Petfinder, Craiglist, Petharbor. Like a junkie quitting cold turkey, I haven't looked back.

In the meantime, everyone around us is convinced Puumba is "the one". I post pictures and they tease how he's a dead ringer for Paco (he's not) and wonder when I'll crack under the pressure and give into the puppy cuteness. They point out what an awesome little guy he is, how nothing phases him, how he marches with such a confident stride, and his even-keeled energy and intense focus is something so rare in a pup so young.

All of this is true, but what they don't know is that my heart has already closed the possibility of adding another dog right now.

p.s. don't feel bad for Puumba, he just got an *awesome* application.

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Home2k9 said...

I go through this all the time... I miss Lily so much and I think my perpetual search for yet another dog is because of that loss and the fact that I'm still (two dogs and TWO YEARS LATER- God, is that possible?) wishing to fill a void that I really don't have anymore. Our lives are more than complete with our boys, in fact some days it's MORE than I want because of the flexibility they can rob us of. I'm glad you feel settled now, I'm gonna try to hurry up and get there cuz now I just feel ridiculous. :o)