Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is what happens when you let me and Carolyn loose at Target.

First, you try on stupid hats...

beer hat

... oggle things meant for children...

cow boots

dino boots

... and then you come home with underpants for your dog.


Anonymous said...

You make oggling things meant for children sound like it's a bad! I, too, have the shopping mentality of a five-year old. (okay, sometimes a three-year old, but an advanced one.)

lucky kachina dancer said...

Why must you torture Xochitl?

Although Monty might find it kinda hot. He's strange that way.

greg said...

OMG! I almost bought those bunny things for Franc, Riesy, or the little Sophia. Instead I got the little rope toys 3 pack.