Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vegas, I'm Over You.


This past week I spent almost 6 days in Las Vegas. After Day 2, I was over the town. Don't get me wrong, I had a good time. I traveled with good people, Paco Collars did some good business, and we made lots of important connections. But the things that make Las Vegas so charming in a 24 hour window suddenly became huge inconveniences when spread out over several days.

For instance, it's impossible to get a healthy meal in Vegas. Dare you to try. If you're remotely sick then you'll never overcome it being stuck in recirculated air that's constantly filled with cigarette smoke. You have no choice than to be stuck in air-conditioned, smoke-filled hell as the temperature outside it 107 degrees (oh wait, it was a cool spell when we got there so it only hovered around 98-100 the whole time). You stay up way too late due to unnatural lighting and you wake up way too early from the heat. It's hard to stick to a budget since everything costs an arm and a leg (and the cheap deals will probably get you in doctor's bills down the road). The 10+ hour car ride either way does not help the pain.

The way I see it, I've done Vegas right. I've eaten my share of buffets, gambled the night away, been to a strip club, gotten my blood alcohol level probably up into the double digits, nearly gotten married, seen mud wrestling and bikini bull riding, consumed mushrooms and then played nickel slots all night, celebrated the turning of the New Year... twice...

I've pretty much done it all so, you know what? I'm done. I'm done with Vegas and I don't really see a need to go back (until next year... shudder!)

But to prove we actually had fun, here are the pics:

Winner, winner, winner!

winner, winner, winner!
(the ticket proving I was up to $14.80 after gambling only $10... and after I lent $5 to Dang)

epic entrance

epic entrance

slammed I am

slammed I am!

reluctant cuddler

reluctant cuddling


what you think it is

daybreak after a night of gambling

excalibur at daybreak


Pit Bull Grrl said...

Ana, I LOVE Vegas... but only for 3 days at a clip. Sin City is not nice to me after 3 days. I drink, I party, I don't sleep. And of course, do things I can't repeat here ;) I love your hair, btw!


Anonymous said...

I'm so coming with you next year... You have no choice but to bring me. I'll drive next time. Promise.



ana poe said...

Better practice driving stick now, Dang.

Steph, you can fly in and revive us after day 3, okay? That's about when we needed a major pick-me-up.