Friday, February 20, 2009

Breaking the fast

Today was Day 5 of the cleanse and tonight we broke the fast with vegetable soup.

The original plan was to go a week, but as the weekend approached and the possibility of attending the Grilled Cheese Invitational approached, we knew we had to break the fast in order to enjoy the weekend. So we hit the store around closing time, grabbed some veggies, and made a simple soup to ease our stomachs back to the land of the eating.

Two years ago I did the master cleanse for a week and, I gotta say, this time was much easier. True, I did get so spacey that I forgot how to do math for a day and, another day, Tim got so worried he insisted on driving me home, but overall it was pretty tame. Somehow the hunger never got in the way of what I was doing. It was a constant dull thud in the background, kind of like a little friend you forget about until he taps you one the shoulder and you remember he's there.

Last night we saw Slumdog Millionaire and somehow the occasional hunger pang made the acts performed for sheer survival in the movie seem normal. It's hard to imagine what real hunger feels like. Even on the cleanse you have a constant supply of lemonade, water, and Smooth Move (dinner!), but to go without anything for days is a sensation completely outside of my bodily vocabulary. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'd rather it be that way. But now I'm also convinced it may be a good idea to do the cleanse and/or fast more often just to remind myself I'm human.

We'll see how that goes. And, in the meantime...


Home2k9 said...

If you didn't accept it before... now you must. You ARE cooler than me.

goober said...

you guys never made it to get one of my fab grilled cheeses!

ana poe said...

Home@k9, I am not cooler then you. Crazier, maybe, but cooler, definitely not.

Goober, the tummies were not ready. We wanted, oh how we wanted, but couldn't risk ass-plosions. You'll have to do a repeat performance for us sometime.