Monday, January 19, 2009

Xolo Shower... Paco Hangover

We now have a barometer by which we can judge the success of a house party: Paco's food bowl.

Knowing Paco's propensity for turning anything into a toy, we always buy a handful of $.99 dog bowls every time we hit up Ikea and, when he gets excited, it's usually one of the first things to go in his mouth. From the photograph below, can you tell how the Xolo Shower went?


Yesterday we had a little shindig to serve the dual purpose of both introducing Xochitl (So-Chee) to our friends and filling in everyone about our trip to Mexico. Things started out just like any other party...

Aaron donned his Oaxacan grilling duds and sparked up the weber.

official oaxacan grilling uniform

Folks came over to meet the little girl and bring her clothing.

sari and xoxo

We served a variety of Mexican snacks, including chapulines. Here Claudio is contemplating eating one. And the decision was not a light one. In fact, the consequence for not trying one was that you had to take a shot of tequila.

contemplating chapulines

I guess it's okay to disclose now but the spicy salt we used to rim the margarita glasses actually gets it's color from the mescal worm so, yeah, you were eating bugs whether you knew it or not. And to say that taking a shot of tequila was actually a "punishment" is also a little bit of a stretch. In fact, the tequila we brought back from Mexico was so good, many folks were taking optional shots, which leads me to the next barometer of a good party: lack of documentation.

There are no shots of the Mexican flag cupcake trays.

There are no shots of the pit pull/pug/Patterdale portion of the party.

There are no shots of little Xdog killing the pinata (well, she kinda failed but Paco was more than happy to finish the job).

There are no shots of the dog-laden after-party at the bar down the street.

But probably that's for the best, since drunken party shots are usually less than flattering. This is one that actually made it.

drunk?  maybe just a little

(and you can tell we must have been drunk since Muggy and Lola were partying on the couch)


Home2k9 said...

Sounds like a grand party indeed! Lets hope Paco never mistakes Xochitl for a food bowl though... she's so tiny and "flingable."

P.S. I totally want a worm-lined margarita.

themacinator said...

one of the few times i regret working on weekends.

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